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51 %

of employees' time is focused work in the office

24 %

consider their wellbeing is best supported in the office

35 %

go to the office to establish work-life balance

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Is hybrid really working?

Our latest research examines the disconnect between employers' priorities and employees' preferences and highlights best practice from the world's most successful hybrid adopters. This study is informed by the results of employee surveys (over 20,000 individual responses) carried out by our Global Benchmarking team.

Why global benchmarking services?

25 years of experience
A trusted globally consistent benchmarking methodology
Market comparisons from 174 cities and 59 countries

Source: JLL online survey of 2,033 office workers across 10 countries spanning all major industries, October 2020​


"We’re not coming back to the office unless you’ve…” Hear from Roche and Shell in our live panel discussion on how they're managing the new expectations of their hybrid workforce and how they look to adapt their strategies going forward.

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