Build an agile and resilient portfolio

JLL develops comprehensive real estate portfolio strategies and offers effective solutions for your business such as balancing efficiency, risk, and agility to improve performance.

The right portfolio strategy

Amid ongoing changes to how and where we work, and new employee expectations, planning property portfolios is an ever more challenging task. All the signs point towards greater variety in corporate real estate footprints in the coming years, including occupying multiple asset types, considering new locations and factoring in remote working. For many companies, it’s an opportunity to rationalise and future-proof their portfolios, improve risk management in an uncertain business climate and create workplaces that scale with growth.

Our experts combine decades of experience with advanced analytics to help you make the right decisions on your portfolio strategy. We provide solutions based on a clear understanding of your company’s objectives, your space usage, your building operational costs and the real estate market dynamics in your chosen countries.

Explore our services that support your portfolio strategy

Portfolio Optimisation

A transparent evaluation of your portfolio backed by data and deep knowledge of market trends

Metrics that matter

A broad and comprehensive review to redefine the metrics that matter most and find those that are core to corporate goals.

Flex Advisory

Devise an all-encompassing flexible space strategy and actionable roadmap to align flexible space with your ambitions

Destination Marketing

Ensure your asset is the destination of choice for your customers and local communities with Bewonder*, our specialist destination marketing and customer experience agency.

Asset Repositioning

We help you leverage your property to realise long-term value creation and deliver quality experiences for everyone who works, shops and lives there.

Strategy Consulting

Understand the current and future global trends shaping the real estate world to help shape your vision and strategy and make better places.

Global Benchmarking Services

Go beyond your own data with market comparisons that help you to optimise your employee experience and portfolio.

Real Estate Taxation

No matter what the property type, our rating team will provide the solutions you need to ensure you pay the lowest possible rates for your business.

Hear from our team of experts

Iain Franklin

Global Industries Lead, Consulting