Where next for office leasing in the South East?

Is the perceived ‘death’ of the office much exaggerated?

August 03, 2022

In our South East Office Market Report, we demonstrated that performance figures from 2021 were broadly in line with the 10-year average. We explored the market’s overall resilience and show which types of office rentals could excel in the market – and which might not. The probability of a supply crunch with record low build levels in West London and Thames Valley along with other factors also begs the question of how can the development market positively respond?

Stuart Austin, Head of South East Office Markets at JLL, reveals the latest office leasing trends for South East England, in a series of insight videos based on JLL’s latest research: South East Office Market Report – The growth of the knowledge sector.

Trend for 2022: Lab deal analysis

Why does clustering remain a major trend? Within established industry clusters in the South East, we explain how it’s possible to outperform the market with the right product. Further analysis on the Life Science cluster in our South East Office Market Report considers the different ways in which occupiers are seeking to procure space from landlords and the consequences of such to the developer.

Trend for 2022: Driving rental tone

When will employees fully return to offices? And what kind of buildings will tenants seek to lease and develop going forward? In our South East Office Market Report, we also consider if it might be possible for landlords to rentalise building attributes such as private terrace spaces.

Trend for 2022: Bridging the gap between office and industrial

For those buildings that aren’t best in class, future leasing performance could be challenging. An opportunity exists to repurpose traditional offices into buildings which serve quasi-industrial occupiers seeking flexible use workspace as opposed to offices over specified for their needs? We discover why this approach may prove a welcome solution for some otherwise stranded assets in our South East Office Market Report.