The next generation of self storage : net zero carbon?

Realising the opportunity to deliver social and financial value for investors and customers

The sector has shown itself to be resilient and robust with clients across Europe reporting a strong 2020 helping to underline some of the compelling reasons for it as an asset class. Combined with the general under supply of self-storage in Europe, this has made the sector a focus for investors  as they search for new opportunities in what will be our new normal.

However, real estate is taking the risks of the climate crisis and the built environment’s 40% contribution to carbon emissions much more seriously with funds being established to invest solely in net zero carbon (NZC) buildings.

 We think that the next 5 years will see an uplift in self storage development across Europe and the ability to generate additional value – both in monetary and social terms – if the next generation of self storage assets meets the challenge of delivering NZC assets .

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