Investing in powering EV and energy infrastructure

At UKREiiF 2024, JLL experts shared insights on opportunities for investors

As the electrification of transport gathers pace, it’s opening up opportunities in a market traditionally dominated by fossil fuels.

JLL’s session at the UK Real Estate Impact Investing Forum (UKREiiF) on Powering low carbon microgrid investment: A focus on EV and energy infrastructure, discussed the strategies and actions needed to generate and manage sufficient clean energy to keep progress on track.

Panellists from JLL, Legal and General and Places for London highlighted how energy and transportation are now part of a comprehensive, system-wide solution in the shift to a decarbonized economy.

Real estate, and landlords in particular, have a key role. No longer confined to merely providing spaces for businesses, buildings are now recognised as potential sites to generate and store energy to help charge EVs and support the wider shift.

More collaboration between owners, operators, and cities will be needed to fully harness emerging value opportunities. For example, a Places for London project is strategically integrating EV charging services with residential developments to make effective use of available land.

Future development must adopt a holistic approach that factors in the energy requirements of local populations alongside the development of local infrastructure. This requires data-driven approaches and strategic planning to drive down costs while simultaneously meeting the growing demand.

To find out more about the topics outlined above, check out the video featuring Paul Stepan, Head of Sustainability Consultancy for Europe at JLL, Sophie Enyon, a program manager for EV Hubs at Places for London, Mark Tyson, Head of Property Operations at Legal and General, and Sahan Abeln, who leads the integrated Energy Solutions consulting business at JLL.