WEBINAR: Is the future of work really hybrid?

17 June, 9 - 10AM BST

There is a lively and active debate regarding the benefits of working remotely versus returning to the physical office. Company policies range from total employee-led flexibility to mandatory office returns. As the pandemic continues to evolve, the fate of the workplace remains uncertain as employees re-think their priorities and companies look to optimise real estate costs to facilitate an agile post-pandemic recovery. Should the notion of hybrid working as the inevitable compromise be accepted, or will this function as an interim model? How this will work in practice, and how it will be applied to different geographies and sectors is yet to be defined.

When it comes to collaboration, productivity, diversity and inclusion, real estate cost benefits, sustainability and employee wellbeing, there are strong arguments on both sides in favour of remote and office-based models. The tension between employee and business needs must be resolved to create a scenario that satisfies both.


  • Tom Caroll - Head of EMEA Corporate Strategy and Research, JLL
  • Shimona Mehta - Managing Director, EMEA Shopify
  • Jenny Grey - Global Programme Chair - Accountability, Culture and Talent Transformation, Citi


  • Henry Mance - Chief Features Writer, Financial Times