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July 02, 2018

Did you know, the top 30 hotel markets account for 14% of all hotel room supply globally, and are worth c. $868 billion. Across the 30 markets there is over $60 billion worth of hotel rooms in the pipeline.

Little insights like these make a big difference to an investment strategy. The JLL Hotels & Hospitality research team has attributed a 'value' to hotel assets across 30 key global cities by assessing the property positioning, hotel class and location of almost 20,00 hotel assets.

Which market offers the best returns today, or which cities have the most economy rooms? Where should you look to invest in five years' time? Our specialists combine this data with unrivalled market knowledge to offer you exclusive insights.

Did you know?
  1. The top 10 hotel markets in EMEA are worth US$271 billion. This would cover the cost of construction of more than 180 Burj Khalifa buildings. 
  2. The total asset value of the top 10 markets in EMEA has increased 23% in 2018, with Amsterdam, Berlin and London driving the increase. 
  3. The average price per room in 2018 across EMEA is US$479k. This is US$68k more than in 2016. There are US$16.7 billion worth of hotel rooms currently in the pipeline for Dubai.

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