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Deliver robust data insights to assess to how workplaces impact employee wellbeing & performance in real time

Wellbeing & Performance Insights (JLL partnership with ART Health Solutions)

How can companies support their employees’ wellbeing, experience and performance at home and in the office? And how can this be measured effectively?

Employee wellbeing has been a topic of increasing importance for many organisations in recent years, and the global pandemic has brought this into sharper focus. The cost of unwell workers worldwide represents 10-15% of the global economic output with obesity being one of the biggest health crises many countries face.

Companies and governments are highly motivated to reverse the current trend of an unwell workforce in a sustainable and responsible approach. With high demands on many businesses to attract and retain talent, a company’s culture of wellness will become default, this will reflect in productivity, progression and all-round good business resulting in a destination workplace.

As a result of COVID-19, our relationship with work and the office has been transformed in mere months. Organisations will need to adapt to changing employee expectations, priorities and concerns – both in the office and at home. Working from home is now part of the norm and it’s here to stay.

There are many factors that can impact on employee wellbeing – from issues with the physical environment, such as lighting, temperature and acoustics, to a lack of spaces to concentrate or collaborate, to ergonomic issues, to physical activity, sleep and nutrition. The challenge is to ascertain which factors are having the biggest impact, and which factors to focus on to achieve maximum benefit.  

Bringing science to the workplace to help companies improve the health, wellbeing and performance of their employees.

By applying scientific rigour to multiple data sources and targeted cognitive tests to understand factors impacting employee experience, wellbeing, and performance, we can identify areas of change to improve.

We combine a number data insights from wearables (such as Fitbits etc), cognitive assessments via a smartphone app, environmental sensors and organisational data to provide bespoke insights on employee experience, wellbeing and performance. These insights leading to better strategic decision making while empowering employees with data to aid choice and decision making – whether that is at home, office or elsewhere

There are a wide range of wellbeing products and services available, but WPI is unique in that it is scientifically backed by a team of experts, to measure and evaluate the impact of various factors using objective data.

With WPI in partnership with ART Health Solutions, we are able to offer a solution that is cutting edge, technology based and so is scalable, and can be delivered remotely. As a result, it can be deployed across multiple workspaces, buildings and countries.

The delivery of our WPI services is fully compliant with GDPR governance, ensuring the safe handling and management of all collected data.  Furthermore, to provide extra peace of mind to our clients and their employees, all data is anonymised so that no individuals can be identified by the WPI programme.    

With WPI, organisations are able to inform workplace standards, design and operation that are cost effective, right-sized and fit for purpose, whilst also giving autonomy to employees, to make choices to support their wellbeing, experience and performance. 

49% of CRE directors now place the Health and Wellbeing of their employees as their top investment priority 

Source : JLL, 2020, COVID-19 EMEA Occupier sentiment survey
To what situations can WPI be applied?
  1. Applying scientific rigour to understand factors impacting employee experience, wellbeing, and performance and identify areas of change to improve
  2. Supporting employee experience, wellbeing and performance by empowering them with data to aid choice and decision making – at home, office or elsewhere
  3. Connecting data to understand and prioritise changes to improve experience, wellbeing & performance (e.g. in-office sensors, wearables, occupancy, revenue, productivity data etc)
  4. Supporting strategic initiatives for change. e.g. optimising portfolio / location change – informing office space requirement, ensuring workspaces support health and ability to work productively
What does our WPI solution include?
  • Consultation to scope the project – define the outcomes and deliverables
  • Employee surveys
  • Gathering of wearable data
  • Cognitive testing using a smartphone app
  • Wearables can be provided (at additional cost)
  • Interpretation of all data
  • Reporting of findings with data insights and recommendations 

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