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We guide you through the changing world of value and risk by enabling smart investment and lending decisions that shape a better world of real estate.

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Investors and lenders need to be confident about value & risk. As your essential guide to past, present and future values and risk, we support you to take critical and informed decisions in today’s changing world of real estate.

We bring together a talented and diverse team across the UK, powered by real-time data and leading technology, to uncover a panoramic view of value and risk for fast, accurate lending and investment decisions.

Our 2000 global sector experts lead with street-smart experience and knowledge connecting millions of data insights every day.

We are Valuation Advisory. We are JLL.

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JLL Valuation Advisory is the essential guide to the changing face of real estate value

JLL Valuation Advisory is a strategic, always-on valuation advisor providing reliable and continuous advice to investors and lenders. Clients want to understand the future of value and risk and be able to do this in real-time. With years of experience and millions of data insights we help you make smarter investment and lending decisions, today and in the future.

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Ross Petar
Executive Vice President - Head of EMEA Hotels Valuations
Ollie Saunders
Head of UK Commercial & EMEA Alternatives Valuation
Richard Petty
Head of UK Living - Valuation Advisory