Regeneration and placemaking: shape meaningful places we all value

We offer an end-to-end real estate solution that helps investors achieve sustainable value creation from their assets by shaping meaningful places we all value.

Valuable assets for people and society

Creating long-term value from your assets is no longer just about financial returns; it’s also about adapting your assets to provide a positive impact for users and the wider community.

Consumers are seeking to live, work and shop in places that have strong sustainability credentials and provide them with a pleasant user experience. Businesses increasingly want to lease buildings that support their own net zero carbon ambitions. As society’s attitudes continue to evolve and expectations grow, real estate needs to respond by building a more sustainable future, whether through regeneration, retrofitting or greener placemaking. 

Our experts can provide an end-to-end real estate solution that helps today’s landlords, owner-occupiers and investors derive sustainable value from their assets by creating meaningful places we all value.

Hear from our team of experts

Richard Howling
Head of UK Consulting
Michael Davis
Head of London Unlimited