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Expert advice on Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO), Development Consent Orders (DCO), Compensation and Site Assembly

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Compulsory purchase involves the acquisition or overriding of private property interests where an acquiring authority has demonstrated a compelling case in the public interest.

Many public bodies (‘acquiring authorities’) are enabled by acts of parliament to compulsorily purchase land for a particular public purpose, for example the highways authority for new roads, the local planning authority for regeneration projects. 

The approvals process, acquisition process and the rules for assessing compensation are complex and guidance will be necessary through all the stages from specialist CPO surveyors. With over 50 years of combined experience working across the UK and abroad, our CPO Team has all the tools to advise you whether you are using compulsory purchase or are affected by compulsory purchase. 

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Whether you're a claimant, your business is being affected or you need to make a compulsory purchase order in the middle of a live scheme, our team of experts has the experience and track record to help you.

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