Car Park Solutions: Identify, Unlock and Enhance

Helping existing or new investors to maximise opportunities in this sector, our multidisciplinary team will provide an end-to-end solution

Future of car parking space

Car ownership is likely to decline in the next decade which will lead to a knock-on effect on future demand for parking space.

The bifurcation between resilient and surplus assets – a trend that has already happened in many other commercial real estate sectors – is likely to materialise to car parks too. This means suboptimal assets could be subject to higher risks of decreasing occupancy, and loss of income and value in the medium to long term. Meanwhile, vacant, underutilised car parks can often be the breeding ground that fosters anti-social behaviour, creating a negative halo effect on the local neighbourhood.

Through the application of JLL’s cross-sector expertise and working with our strategic partners, our Car Park Solutions team is uniquely positioned to provide you a comprehensive end-to-end solution. 

17,000 acres of underutilised land taking up by surface car parks

Source: JLL Car Park Solutions, 2022

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