JLL Graduate Surveyor featured in EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List


May 31, 2018

Faith Locken, a graduate surveyor in JLL's residential advisory team has been named as a future leader in the EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List, presented by the FT. Faith was ranked 31st in a list of 50 individuals that EMpower believe represent the next generation of ethnic minority leaders.

EMpower is a professional membership organisation, helping corporate members drive greater Ethnic Minority inclusion at all levels of their organisations. Founded in 2017, it provides powerful network connections, helping businesses create diverse and representative workplace environments where everyone can succeed. EMpower has over 26-member firms including; BP, Barclays, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, and Sainsbury's.

Faith's place on the EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List was secured due to her commitment to promoting diversity in both a personal and professional capacity. Faith was elected as co-chair of JLL's BAME network known as Race for Change, where her mission is to push for further diversity within the firm and wider property industry. She coordinates the running of various events throughout the year that celebrate different religions and cultural backgrounds. She also participates in Changing the Face of Property, an initiative which aims to promote the property industry as a career option to children in primary and secondary schools from lower income backgrounds.

Outside of JLL, Faith volunteers with IntoUniversity, a charity that supports children from lower income background schools achieve their dream of attending university. Through this charity, she was given a mentee from a local school in Brixton with whom she had regular meetings over an 18-month period. Faith's mentee was successful in getting into her first-choice university, SOAS University of London.

Faith Locken, graduate surveyor at JLL said: "I was surprised to receive the nomination and even more surprised to make it onto the list. I am truly humbled that my efforts to champion diversity and inclusion within the property industry have been recognised, and I hope that my being on this list will pave the way for future black and ethnic minority graduates to consider property as a career option. I am also very fortunate to work at a firm that not only champions diversity and inclusion through its Building a Better Tomorrow initiative, but also encourages and supports its employees to do the same."

CEO and founder of EMpower, Suki Sandhu: "Our lists exist to drive the empowerment of ethnic minorities within business. Role modelling is fundamental to ensuring equality of opportunity and more inclusive workplace cultures. Those who have achieved personal success have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of ethnic minority leaders, and those featured on our lists are more than living up to it. Through these lists we hope to encourage individuals and businesses to stand up and work together to drive change in our society and workplaces - doing so will inspire the diverse leaders of tomorrow."