Bristol arena if Filton is the best option, let's get the job done


June 12, 2018

Reacting to the publication of KPMGs value for money report on the Bristol arena, published last night, Simon Peacock, lead director for property consultancy JLL across the South West and Wales, and based in Bristol said:

So it looks as though the arena could go to Filton. I'll be honest, I don?t think that?s the optimum solution for the people of Bristol, but it is a solution and would deliver a much anticipated and painfully long awaited major entertainment venue for the only UK core city without one. 

In an ideal world, there is no doubt a city centre location would be best, but regrettably we are not in an ideal world. If the YTL site at Filton is the only way to get the thing built, because of the level of public investment required for the Temple Quay site  money the council simply does not have  then we must press ahead. 

What will be crucial to success on the Filton site is transport. We must ensure public investment goes into the surrounding infrastructure so that contrary to current concern, people are not driven to drive, but have practical, comfortable and affordable public transport options, and the economic benefits are shared within Bristol.

But before that happens, there needs to be some level of assurance from YTL that if they get the infrastructure, Bristol gets its arena. Walking away part way through if costs overrun or commercial viability is threatened, cannot be allowed to happen.