Bring your business ambitions to life by unlocking capital from your real estate portfolio

What's your

Bring your business ambitions to life by unlocking capital from your real estate portfolio
Sale and leaseback

Sell an individual property or your full portfolio and lease it back to build liquidity and achieve your strategic business objectives such as raising capital for new initiatives, funding M&A or as an exit strategy.

Structured credit alternatives

With many investors seeking long-term property income secured by investment grade credit there are a range of funding solutions for occupiers’ property. We offer specialist advice on credit tenant leases and strip income structures to make your real estate work harder for you.

Forward funding

Developing new facilities means taking on risk and tying up a lot of capital. There are a range of funding and delivery mechanisms available to help mitigate risk, fund constructions costs and preserve liquidity.

Financial modelling and lease accounting

Get in-depth analysis on the operational, financial and accounting impacts of different lease lengths, rent review mechanisms and sale structures to help you deliver value for money.

Strategic buy-in advice

Sometimes ownership can make more sense than leasing. This may be a consideration with the advent of IFRS 16, low prices in some sectors such as retail, or if you simply want to take back control of an asset. We’ll help you find the right solution to achieve your goals.

Lease liability transfers

An innovative solution to package up all surplus property leases and dispose of them in one transaction,  reducing costs and enabling you to focus on your core business.

Build liquidity through sale & leaseback

Unlock capital from your real estate

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Nick Compton
Head of Corporate Capital Markets, EMEA
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Director - Corporate Capital Markets, EMEA