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2020 predictions

Hear from Julian Sandbach, Head of Central London Capital Markets, on his predictions for the year ahead and where he sees opportunity. Scroll down to read more about our trends from 2019.


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2019 Trends

Below are three trends we have seen so far this year in the London office market.
Click on each to find out more and read about deals which contributed to these trends.

Overall investment into Central London offices reached £7.2bn for the first three quarters of 2019, representing a 42% drop on the same period in 2018 when £12.5bn was invested

The popularity of one of London’s hottest submarkets has soared in recent years attracting tourists, businesses and investors, but how will this increase in status impact the office market?

Earlier this year close to 300,000 sq ft of new office space was acquired by wealth and asset managers within the City Core within a five-week period

Where next for the
flex space market ?

"To date investors have largely, but not exclusively, engaged with this sector on a traditional lease basis, however as the sector and investor attitudes have developed and matured there are increasing instances of partnerships between investor and operator where both can participate in the performance of the coworking entity.

"One of the key issues for investors as the sector moves forward is whether a consistent valuation methodology can be adopted to more accurately assess the potentially higher income returns that can be achieved. We expect that, given the scale of the sector and the likely increase in partnership agreements as investor attitudes change, that it is more likely that this will happen, and investors will become more comfortable with partnerships as part of a long-term risk adjusted portfolio."

Neil Prime, head of Central London offices and UK office agency, JLL 

Snapshot of London Flex Market

14.7m sq ft

Office stock


26,900 sq ft

Avg. operator size

1.7m sq ft

Avg. take up (2014-2018)



Take-up share (2018)


Office stock share



Flex operators

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