Expo Real 2019

What do 46,747 real estate professionals talk about when they get together at one of Europe’s largest trade fairs? Here’s our wrap-up of the trends and topics that dominated the conversation this year.

Europe is the destination of choice for many real estate investors right now.  For US and Asian investors, favourable currency movements and hedging opportunities are giving them an advantage. They’re increasingly turning their attention to emerging sectors and are now also some of the most active investors in the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and Poland. 

Major heavyweight managers have large amounts of capital to deploy and amid strong competition, more mergers of both listed companies and fund managers are taking place. Of course, investors also have to contend with the ongoing political uncertainty and slowing economies, but there are still plenty of opportunities for those willing to adapt and explore, using insights from local expertise. 

Read more about the trends and developments shaping these opportunities in European real estate in this year’s Expo Real wrap. We hope you find our insights valuable and look forward to continuing the conversation with you…

Watch Matt Richards, Head of Capital Markets, EMEA, discuss current investor challenges and the outlook for next year

Macro Economy

How are the biggest challenges facing Europe’s major economies impacting real estate investors as we head into 2020?

David Rea, chief economist at JLL EMEA gives his outlook on the big themes, from trade wars to quantitative easing.


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