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JLL at Davos | 15-19 January 2024

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos is one of the most important global events for companies, governments and communities to come together and work to find solutions to the most crucial issues facing our world.

As leaders in the real estate industry, we want to share our expertise and help organizations drive growth through smarter and more inclusive spaces, leverage new technologies to make better decisions faster and contribute to decarbonizing the planet through real estate.

Together with clients and communities, we are actively shaping the future of real estate to see a brighter way.

The Davos Agenda

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Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders initiates an ambitious action plan to tackle Scope 3 upstream emissions

In an unprecedented effort to scale collaborative action, the world’s largest CEO-led climate alliance is aiming to bolster decarbonization through a commitment to a bold action plan.

News from Davos

CEOs leave Davos to game out 2024 geopolitical scenarios

Leaders at Davos are scenario planning amid worsening geopolitical challenges, but markets may prove resilient, says JLL CEO, Christian Ulbrich.

Attention at Davos turns to the housing crisis

Housing affordability is an issue for all major cities, but must be solved by the public sector, says JLL CEO, Christian Ulbrich.

Discussions at Davos focus on geopolitics

JLL CEO, Christian Ulbrich, discusses the global macroeconomic landscape as we enter 2024 at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.

Our delegates attending Davos

Christian Ulbrich

Chief Executive Officer and President

Karen Brennan

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Poppink

CEO, Markets Advisory

Susheel Koul

Chief Executive Officer, ­JLL Work Dynamics, Asia Pacific

Richard Bloxam

CEO, Capital Markets

Neil Murray

CEO, Work Dynamics

Radha Dhir

CEO & Country Head, India