Financing Real Estate in the COVID-19 era: From response to recovery

Respond, Recover, Reimagine - helping you navigate through COVID-19 and beyond.

Date: Thursday 16 July 2020
Time: 10.00 am BST
Length: 60 minutes

The debt markets are being transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the context shifts from response to recovery, there will be significant risks and opportunities for real estate investors. Understanding the emerging landscape will be critical to successful decision making.
How are the debt markets changing? What do investors need to do to prepare themselves for the future? How is the behaviour of equity investors changing?
In the third webinar in our UK “Respond, Recover, Reimagine” series, our expert panel below moderated by Alistair Meadows, Head of Investor & Developer Clients was joined by David Stephens from HSBC UK Bank Plc where he has worked in many commercial and global banking roles before becoming Head of London Corporate Real Estate.
Zeynep Fetvaci, Co-Head of EMEA Funds Advisory
Ian Guthrie, Senior Managing Director, Loan Advisory & Restructuring Services
Michael Kavanau, Head of Debt and Structured Finance – EMEA
Jon Neale, UK Head of Research
View the recording to hear the panel discussing how market dynamics are going to impact the relationship between real estate, debt and equity concluding with three key takeaways for the future as the context shifts from response to recovery.


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