Client story

Warehouse saves 911 Kg of CO2 per year using JLL Smart Building Solutions

A world-leading industrial production company in Northern Europe noticed that there was a problem with the temperature in the storage halls and aimed to identify and rectify the source of the energy waste.


911kg reduction in CO2 emissions


21,695.63 kWh saved yearly


The company operates on a 24 x 7 basis, but most warehouse activity occurs during weekdays when products are moved in and out of the storage units. The warehouse operatives noticed that there was a problem with the temperature in the storage halls. The heating systems were operating at a constant rate regardless of the temperature in the warehouse.

This led them to optimise the operation of the Air Heating Units (AHUs), save 911kg of CO2 in a year and reduce energy waste, an important issue for the bottom line and energy efficiency.


The customer engaged JLL to help the warehouse operators collect data they could use to explore the issue and then make decisions on how to solve the potential problem. JLL installed 10 temperature sensors from Disruptive Technologies to monitor, record, and transmit ambient air temperature data at different locations within the building.

  • The platform processed the information and generated user-friendly, easy-to-read graphics that allowed warehouse operatives to understand temperature variations within the building.
  • From this information, the warehouse operatives could make quick decisions about the operating temperature of the AHUs. They could turn them down when it was identified that they were generating unnecessary heat.
  • The units could then be adjusted to work more efficiently, ensuring an optimal indoor temperature, and saving energy.

The use of only a few temperature sensors, when combined with a robust analytics engine, can provide any company with granular and specific data about their operating environment.

Using the near real-time information from the sensors allows a company to make informed and quick decisions about their energy consumption and air ventilation systems, such as reducing the amount of heating they produce. Such changes lead our client to:

  • Accomplish 911 kg reduction in CO2 per year
  • Save 21,695.63 kWh yearly 
  • Reduce costs by €3727 in a year 
Complete Rollout Results

kWh saved per day

83.13 kWh

Costs saved per day

14.28 EUR

Hours saved in a year

6198.75 hours

kWh saved in a year

21695.63 kWh

Costs, saved in a year 

3727.31 EUR 

CO2 emissions saved in a year

911.22 kg CO2

The financial savings over a year clearly exceed the costs of buying and running the sensors as well as those of the platform, offering the customer a good Return on Investment and large CO2 savings. The success of this small deployment has led the customer to plan to roll out the solution to several of their other locations worldwide.