Client story

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Cambridge Road Estate (CRE) Regeneration providing 2,170 new homes.

“Ensuring the CPO process is open, fair and as transparent as possible has been an important consideration for us from the outset.

JLL have been sensitive and considerate in their approach, tailoring it to our resident and non-resident home owners and helping to build trust. in what can be a complicated process. It has been possible to provide timely and meaningful information to stakeholders with JLL having been able to provide the necessary support throughout.”

Kingston Council
The ambition

First instructed in 2015 this instruction included formulating the strategy and the ability to manage a medium scale acquisition project spanning several years and multiple CPO’s. The CPO included the acquisition of 179 residential properties with a £70m aquation budget. Further challenges were:

  • Property Cost Estimates

  • Development Viability and Optioneering

  • Objection management

  • Consultation & engagement with those affected in the scheme

How we achieved it

As an experienced team we understand the necessary steps to take when negotiating residential interests. This includes keeping detailed records of commutations with each resident. We have put in place digital systems to log and communicate progress on all the land interests to be acquired which allows the team share with the client at any time the status of each acquisition. This will also provide detailed records and log of communications when the project proceeds to a CPO inquiry.

We also understand that CPO for many of the CRE residents will never of heard of CPO before. Advising the council to ensure that residents are well informed and provided with fair compensation is at the forefront of our approach. This intern will ensure the smoothest process to completing the CPO and minimise objections wherever possible.

The results

The team have acquired circa 2/3rds of the required property in the first CPO area by negotiation and received only a small number of objections to the making of the first CPO. We are currently manging out the small number of objections to avoid an inquiry if possible.