Client story

Old office space gets £6m new wheels

Demolishing existing unoccupied 5,600 sq m of office space and investing £6m into new state of the art car showroom for Jaguar Land Rover.

June 20, 2020

York, UK


5,600 sq m 




IPIF required advice and expertise when investing £6m into developing their existing underutilised office space into a state of the art Jaguar Land Rover car showroom which could be leased out to an established tenant. We thought, that is an ambition we can get behind.

How we worked together

Our project management services team were instructed by IPIF to create and implement a development agreement to construct and deliver a state of the art Jaguar Land Rover showroom for leasing purposes to Inchape.

Part of the project included demolishing an existing office building which was underutilised and inefficient. The client wanted to maximise the utilisation of the 5,600 sq m space and undertake a lease from Inchape to operate a Jaguar Land Rover showroom.

Recognising it was vital that the showroom was built to Jaguar Land Rover specification including all external areas and landscaping, the team worked alongside the client providing progress reports, attending meetings, site inspections and delivering development updates to ensure the project was built to standard.


By working together with IPIF we ensured that any construction or budget issues were resolved quickly and efficiently, the client was kept informed throughout the process. The project was successfully delivered and IPIF achieved their ambition to successfully deliver a state of the art showroom to standard and the client agreed a long lease with Inchape as a result.