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How a student housing portfolio was disposed across three countries

A look at how Oaktree Capital Management and JLL partnered to manage the disposal of a major 17,000-bed student housing portfolio in four separate deals.


UK, Ireland and Spain


17,000 bed student housing portfolio

When Oaktree wanted to dispose of its student housing portfolio, a 17,000-bed asset in the UK, Ireland and Spain, it was our role to advise on the available options to add value.

How we worked together

From the beginning, this was a complex project. By working with our partner, we could strategically consider the available options to add value and secure the best returns.

Following an initial UK portfolio sale of operating assets, it was agreed to dispose of the company and the remaining assets on a country by country basis.

Working with our student housings experts on the ground in each country, and led by our corporate finance and student housing teams based in London, we provided a full transaction advisory service.

This combined an investment banking approach with in-depth real estate knowledge to deliver the best results for the client. 


Over a period of nearly 30 months, we successfully managed and completed the disposal of the whole business across four separate transactions.

What’s your

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