Client story

European solar PV and onshore wind market entry advice

International entities are increasingly attracted to the European market for mature renewable technologies.

JLL helped a US-based fund understand better the onshore wind and solar PV markets in select European countries.

Client challenge

To underpin the expansion of their renewable energy platform, our client required up to date market intelligence on technology costs, competition and pricing for onshore wind and solar PV assets in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

See the world differently

Our market knowledge from live and recent involvement in the onshore wind and solar PV space helped our client form a view on key value drivers and differences between the markets analysed.  

Ambition achieved

Working together with dedicated technical and planning specialists we compared select European markets across multiple metrics. The client was able to gain an understanding of the key characteristics of the markets, assess their attractiveness in the context of their expansion strategy and refine financial modelling parameters based on real transaction data, which allowed them to expedite implementation of their expansion strategy.