Client story

Development funding for 200MW onshore wind pipeline

UK onshore wind has established as an attractive investment proposition even without subsidies due to high wind speeds relative to Europe, technological advances and a successful track record of building out assets. Investors are increasingly seeking opportunities to invest at scale.

JLL helped established UK renewable energy developer Wind 2 raise development funding for delivering 200MW onshore wind in Scotland.

Client challenge

To realise value and recycle sunk capital from a portfolio of pre-consent onshore wind assets, some of which had long-dated expected COD dates.

See the world differently

Our understanding of the nature of development risk and ways to mitigate it for the benefit of our client and the incoming investor were key for successfully closing a transaction. 

Ambition achieved

Following a targeted sell-side process, JLL successfully achieved the client’s objectives by concluding a transaction with an incoming investor committed to fund development costs to date, ongoing development spend and milestone consideration payments in advance of commissioning. In the case of one asset, this brought forward the payment of the developer premium by 5 years, substantially de-risking the sale for our client.