Client story

Cinema design attracts a whole new generation of movie-goers

The large-scale refurbishment of 20 ODEON cinemas across Europe required a consistent and global approach to attract a new generation of movie-goers.

March 28, 2019

“When it comes to good cinema design, these days it’s all about the experience, the film will always be the main aspect of the cinema experience, but enhancing the atmosphere around this experience is what cinemas are currently focusing on.”

Nick Currie, Director of Building Consultancy, JLL.

ODEON Cinemas Group required Programme and Project Management assistance when looking to undertake large-scale refurbishment projects across their European portfolio.  So, together with their global team we crafted a programme to deliver a customer experience aimed at attracting a new generation of movie-goers.

How we worked together

The cinema schemes in question were based across Europe and spanned 10 countries

Following a successful refurbishment scheme roll out in the USA and in an age of streaming, ODEON Cinemas Group recognised that they needed to innovate. The client wanted to enhance the customer journey by creating an unforgettable experience and atmosphere.

ODEON Cinemas Group planned to roll out refurbishments through creating vibrant spaces and comfortable experiences across their portfolio. Our client and the Project & Development Services team in Manchester worked together in partnership to deliver these refurbishment programme. 

Harnessing our global reach to co-ordinate a consistent approach to refurbishments across the portfolio with ODEON Cinemas Group stakeholders across the globe.

Implementing specialist knowledge and expertise the team were able to reduce the speed of delivery of the projects for the client.

We have advised on many global refurbishment projects, enabling us to capitalise on our existing knowledge in this field and our UK market insights to advise ODEON Cinemas Group appropriately.


By working together with the global client team, we successfully delivered the refurbishment of 20 schemes across Europe in 2018, all consistently finished in line with their global schemes and delivered in an efficient time frame. Refurbishment of the remaining portfolio is continuing.

Transforming the customer

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