Client story

Cheltenham Ladies College Cheltenham, UK

Boosting student facilities for a leading independent school


Producing the ultimate educational sports facility and promoting student wellbeing


8,000 square metres


£11 million

Having been at the forefront of pioneering education for 160 years, Cheltenham Ladies’ College were looking to transform health and wellbeing for their students with a much-enhanced provision of sports and pastoral services. This ambition led them to our Project Management team who managed the design, development and refurbishment of a new sports hall, fencing, dance and yoga spaces, as well as state-of-the-art conference and hosting areas with spectator views over outside pitches.

There were two significant challenges that the team overcame. Firstly, there was a requirement for the new sports hall to have flexibility for use for examinations, which initially presented servicing challenges. Secondly, we needed to ensure minimal disruption to school life and separation between contractors and students. Setting up weekly meetings with the school to review, inform and track issues was key to our success, resulting in any issues being solved seamlessly and a swifter delivery of an exemplary product.

Furthermore, the team’s rigorous and active cost management strategy even enabled the budget to cater for a brief to carry out works for a new car park – a late change in the school’s requirements.

This ambitious project has produced the ultimate in sports facilities, nurturing a love of sports and a promotion of wellbeing for generation of students to come.