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How regional knowledge helped seal the £116.5m sale of a UK logistics portfolio

A look at how LondonMetric worked with JLL to achieve its ambition of moving capital into the UK logistics market


Throughout UK


£116.5 million

Square Feet

1.32m sq ft

When we learned Cabot Properties wanted to dispose of its 14 UK distribution warehouses, it was our role to put our client at the heart of the ambition.

How we worked together

The warehouse network had 13 tenants, at locations across the UK. By working in partnership, we identified this as a perfect opportunity for our client, LondonMetric. We already had a strong relationship with our client, and our industrial investment team discovered the company wanted to deploy a large amount of capital into the logistics sector.

Because we have regional bases throughout the UK, we could use this local knowledge to offer investment and occupational advice to LondonMetric.

This attention to detail ensured our client was making an acquisition tailored to their needs and ensured it went ahead.


The result delivered on the ambitions of both our client LondonMetric and the vendor Cabot.

Disposing assets

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