Client story

Global tech firm improves facilities compliance through partnership with JLL

For this sophisticated and growing firm, JLL’s flexible approach provided a foundation to scale facilities management services


100,000 square feet of office space in London, Munich and Paris 



Solving a complex compliance challenge

As the company expanded its real estate portfolio with new offices across Europe, its compliance needs became increasingly complex, necessitating a restructure of the company’s facilities management function in the region. In particular, the company sought to reduce risk and maintain compliance with the standards and regulations in each country. These disparate responsibilities ranged from legionella monitoring to local fire and safety requirements, to best practices such as the UK’s SFG20 building maintenance standard.

The company needed a centralized facilities management team with expertise in the areas of governance, structure, compliance, cost management and risk mitigation to span international borders. At the same time, due to the highly sensitive nature of the company’s work, security and discretion were paramount—and the technology company had never outsourced these critical activities in Europe. It needed a partner that would develop and execute a custom solution effectively.

Building a centralized, flexible team

To meet this partner’s specific needs, JLL developed a flexible approach to integrated facilities management (IFM). Initially, JLL served as managing agents on behalf of the company for its existing facilities contracts and vendor relationships. Over time, the company transitioned to a principal contract with JLL in Europe, wherein JLL took full control and responsibility for managing the company’s facilities management budget. This allowed JLL the flexibility to secure greater cost savings on this partner’s behalf, as well as tap into JLL’s tools and sourcing program to meet its IFM needs.

The global technology company adopted JLL’s mobile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) platform, Corrigo, to standardize compliance and maintenance metrics and data. In addition to increasing transparency around maintenance operations, Corrigo automates standard facility management tasks and empowers team members to navigate high-volume work order, asset and vendor management at scale.

Streamlined operations, improved maintenance, reduced risk, increased resilience

Through its partnership with JLL, this company transformed its facility management function and put in place processes that enable it to maintain compliance, reduce risk and increase resilience. JLL also brought structure and stability to the firm’s cost model—including allocating budget for overlooked yet crucial compliance items. In addition, the team addressed ongoing maintenance issues, upgraded outdated equipment and resolved facilities-related operational problems. Finally, partnering with JLL has created career development opportunities for members of the company’s team. One mailroom operative, for example, seized the opportunity to gain training and move into a new role as a facilities coordinator.

Three years into their European engagement, this global technology company and JLL are continuing to deepen their partnership and explore new opportunities to work together as the company’s business evolves. The successful collaboration makes clear that a little flexibility and creativity go a long way to toward solving so many challenges.