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Why it pays to have the right financing deal in place

When HB Reavis was looking to make its first foray into UK markets it partnered with JLL to secure development funding for 33 King William Street, in London


London, UK


Loan £127.1M, 77% LTC

Putting the right financial plan in place is a cornerstone of successful real estate projects. In ever shifting financial markets this is not easy to achieve. So, when HB Reavis was looking to secure development funding for its first venture into the UK market, it was our job to add value.

How we worked together

The right financial structure is a cornerstone of successful real estate projects

Chris Holmes, JLL’s Head of UK Debt, JLL UK

From the onset we recognised no two investment deals are the same and worked together to identify and carefully consider the options available to us in the narrow construction lending market.

Our client, HB Reavis, wanted to put together a comprehensive long-term funding plan for 33 King William Street in EC4, which maximised returns but also sought to lessen risk.

Instead of just agreeing a deal for these new-build offices in the heart of the City of London, it was important to ensure we secured the right investment, on the right terms, with the potential to offer the right returns.

To achieve this vision, our debt advisory team packaged the opportunity to our multiple contacts and considered the needs of both lender and borrower. Everything from financial modelling to accessing capital to debt structuring and risk management was considered.

Our contact network enabled us to find new investment options in a narrow lending market, while our team's pre-planning and initial analysis, helped us package the opportunity to appeal to lenders.

Despite having to navigate a conservative market we secured competitive terms and put in place a structured financial plan. Our attention to detail has resulted in the creation of a spectacular development which has maximised our client's returns.


Understanding developer ambitions, investor goals and what lenders are looking for is the key to successful real estate projects. Going forward we're confident our detailed work on this project has provided valued insights that can help us introduce further clients to the UK market.

Right investment,
right returns

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