Reyana Trueman

Account Director Integrated Facilities Management EMEA

Achieving your ambition is a desired state that is hard to get for even the most dedicated people. Luckily for Reyana this was something she achieved just by joining JLL.

“Joining JLL was achieving an ambition in itself.”

It is clear from the way Reyana speaks about life at JLL and her colleagues she is in awe of her situation.

“I have had some incredible mentors whilst working here who have helped shape the person and manager I am today and continue to do so as I develop myself further. Moving to my current role has allowed me to achieve the ambition of working on a truly global account and being a part of the senior leadership team.”

Joining JLL was achieving an ambition

Reyana Trueman, Account Director Integrated Facilities Management EMEA

Reyana joined JLL in January 2014, she was very keen on working for a market leading global organization. She started as a Regional Operations Manager for IFM Central Engineering which gave her the first opportunity to work outside of the UK on an EMEA platform.

She focused predominantly on driving strategic direction and operational excellence on key assigned accounts across various sectors and all with strong reputations in their markets. 

Reyana then joined the a technology account to lead and drive the operational change from agent to principle which takes her to her current role as Account Director within the transportation sector, as Reyana states, “the most exciting role I have had in my career”.

Working on all these global accounts has been a key theme of Reyana’s time at JLL. The diversity of work that she has done and continues to do has enabled her to enhance and develop her skills and create real value for her clients.

“We hear this all the time but no two days are the same and we truly do add value of creating a great employee experience in the buildings we manage. Also, my team – I get so much great energy from them each as individuals and as a team as we navigate the client together.”

In addition, when asked what was her favorite thing about JLL’s culture, Reyana simply replied, “We really care about our people and their development, this is the element I love so much about JLL”.