Achieve your net zero carbon ambitions

Taking action on climate change and the greenhouse gas emissions which cause it, is a critical part of building a more sustainable future – and every business must play their part. Buildings account for 40% of emissions, creating an urgent need for the real estate sector to develop and implement plans to transition to net zero carbon.

Are you ready to become net zero carbon?

Why you need to act now

There is growing legislation driving a global consensus that all buildings must be net zero carbon by 2050. This means buildings must achieve zero carbon throughout their lifecycle, including development, refurbishment, and operation. Those who are at the forefront of this transition, who understand the opportunities, risks, costs, and value drivers across their portfolios will safeguard the future success of their business. Don't risk your business getting left behind.

We can help you achieve your ambition

Whether you have already set a net zero carbon target or are about to do so, we can help. We have combined our extensive sustainability and real estate expertise to provide an end-to-end service solution that can support your transition to net zero carbon at every stage of your journey.
Having made an ambitious commitment of our own, and as partners of the UKGBC Advancing Net Zero programme, we have the experience, expertise, and tools to help you deliver your net zero carbon future.
Create your strategy

We will understand your business and your real estate carbon impacts to develop a bespoke net zero carbon pathway, business case and action plan

Enable your portfolio wide transition

We can assess whether assets are, or can cost-effectively become net zero carbon by providing:

  • Asset selection and sustainability appraisal
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Lease advisory


Transition your existing portfolio with our ongoing management intervention services:

  • Asset specific net zero carbon pathway
  • Operational excellence & asset optimisation
  • Digital and net zero carbon consulting
  • Renewable energy procurement strategy
  • Lease advisory
  • Climate resilience portfolio risk review
  • Preventative planned maintenance

When developing or refurbishing assets we can help you make decisions to meet carbon targets by providing:

  • Development and fit-out advice
  • Energy audit and action plan
  • Renewable feasibility study
  • Digital and net zero carbon consulting
  • Sustainable development valuation appraisal
Monitor, disclose and offset

We will analyse your carbon footprint to enable regular disclosure against your net zero carbon target and provide carbon offsetting advice for any unavoidable emissions.

Net zero carbon ambitions

Supporting our clients throughout their journey

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Committing to net zero carbon means reducing your company’s emissions as far as possible and then offsetting any remaining emissions. Carbon emission reductions are achieved through a combination of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy generation (both on and offsite) and reducing carbon associated with building materials. Only once all possible measures have been taken should you look to offset remaining emissions.

In 2019 JLL UK committed to becoming net zero carbon in our UK workplaces by 2030 and to spearheading the adoption of net zero carbon buildings across the UK. In 2020 this commitment was extended globally. Find out more here .

We are partner of the UKGBC Advancing Net Zero programme and contribute to their ongoing research into what it means to own and develop net zero carbon buildings. We have worked with them on their net zero carbon buildings definition framework, the energy performance targets for net zero carbon offices and the feasibility study into the design, delivery and cost of new net zero carbon buildings. Find out more here .

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Our sustainability strategy drives everything that we do – for ourselves and our clients