Loan Advisory

We offer our clients strategic advice on deleveraging and real estate loan portfolio risk management options combined with transactional execution services, delivered by our multi-disciplinary team with experience in areas such as banking, financial, legal and distress investment.

What's your

Our Loan Advisory team advises lenders, financial institutions and investors across a spectrum of credit and real estate transactions. Each senior member of our multi-disciplinary team has over 30 years' transactional experience. That experience combined with JLL’s leading technology and analysis platform and market-leading execution capabilities across all real estate sectors, provides our clients with the ability to qualify risks and execute strategies quickly.

How can we

We advise sellers and buyers of performing, non-core and non-performing Real Estate loan portfolios in deleveraging, portfolio management and investment strategies. Our ability to advise and execute, allows us to move swiftly and efficiently across multiple sectors.

Our range of services include:
  • Portfolio analysis – loan and collateral deep dives
  • Portfolio identification – creation of the optimal portfolio
  • Data preparation and enablement
  • Pricing, valuation and options analysis
  • Transaction management and execution
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Protect, Recover, Enhance:

We’re here to help you 

Quantify risks and opportunities quickly
Execute transactions efficiently and with maximum return
Reduce transaction risk
Build longer term portfolio strategies

Why work with JLL?

Integrated and efficient

Real Estate, Financial and Legal expertise combined 

Assured execution

Global and local market experience to match your footprint and exposure   

Proprietary insights and data platform

Our advice is based on the latest market data, technology and occupier insights

Focus on sustainability and technology

Consistent with our purpose to shape the future of real estate for a better world

We execute on $1Billion in Real Estate transactions every day

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