Is your organisation
climate ready?

Why you need to act now

Climate change is one of the most significant and perhaps least understood threats that we face today, and many businesses are underprepared for the impact it will have.

Smart businesses are acting now to understand the impact of the physical risks to assets and portfolios, and the significant and more immediate risks posed by the growing regulatory environment.

Mandatory climate-related financial disclosure requirements could come into effect in the UK from as soon as 2022, is your business prepared?

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Become a climate resilient organisation

Our climate resilience services can help to protect and enhance the value of your organisation by identifying and understanding climate risks while also leveraging opportunities to build greater resilience.

Webinar: Understanding and managing your portfolios exposure to climate risks

Catch up on our webinar where a panel of experts discuss the impact of climate change on the real estate sector

Our end-to-end climate resilience services 

Whether you are a financial institution, investor or landlord our climate risk services can support you to develop, embed and deliver a climate risk strategy that is right for your business at organisation, portfolio, and asset level.

Embed climate change strategy into your organisation

Incorporate climate risk into your organisation’s risk management strategy - embedding within your governance framework and aligning with your Net Zero Carbon pathways to build resilience

Support your portfolio risk management

Provide specialist market advice to incorporate climate risk into your portfolio, acquisitions, and disposals strategies, as well as supporting risk mitigation activities to manage your exposure

Support regulatory disclosure reporting 

Provide expert advice to support disclosure requirements in line with Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which could become mandatory in the UK as soon as 2022

Provide specialist value-at-risk advice

Identify value-at-risk for future climate scenarios across your assets leveraging our valuations expertise to inform your long term real estate portfolio planning and exit values

Quantify your portfolios climate risk 

Provide detailed climate risk assessments at portfolio and asset levels to understand and quantify the financial asset value exposure to physical climate risks across your global portfolios

Net zero technical design support

Technical net zero design advice to increase resilience of your buildings with measures such as flood defences, robust roofs, & heat rise protection to protect against physical climate risks

Climate resilience

We have combined our extensive sustainability and real estate expertise to enable us to work closely with your business to ensure you have the insights needed to become a more climate resilient organisation.

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