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Raising capital from corporate real estate

What trends are driving increasing levels of corporate sale and leaseback activity across EMEA?

Trends, Insights and Opinions

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Investors look to alternative lenders amidst ongoing uncertainty

Alternative lenders step up to fill traditional lending gap with more flexibility.

Opportunistic investors look for value in retail disruption

Investors are now turning to the opportunities presented by a changing retail market.

Why remote monitoring is a growth area for today’s buildings

Smart sensors that allow building performance to be monitored from a distance are helping facilities managers to keep properties in good working order.

The Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020

n essential guide for companies operating in foreign markets and a unique benchmark of real estate market transparency, the index ranks 99 countries and territories and 163 cities globally.

Q2 EMEA Living Capital
Markets Update

The EMEA Living Capital Markets bulletin monitors market trends and provides commentary on a quarterly basis across the continent, exploring the Student Housing, Multifamily, Healthcare and Coliving markets.

The impact of sustainability on value

Developing the business case for net zero carbon buildings in central London.

Why renewable energy is fuelling investor interest

For investors more used to city centre office blocks, offshore wind farms may be unfamiliar territory – but the world of sustainable infrastructure has big potential.

How currency, interest rate shifts are combining to reshape capital flows

Cross-border real estate investors are taking advantage of changing market conditions.

How Covid-19 is turning the spotlight on green finance

Green finance for investors and developers could become a long-term feature of real estate lending as Europe emerges from its lockdown.

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