Diversity and 

Opportunity for everyone

Creating a work environment where our people and clients feel valued, welcome and comfortable being themselves is at the heart of what we do. We’re a great believer in promoting opportunity for everyone.

Embracing diversity and inclusion means we can find the brightest talent, offering different viewpoints and insights, which help our people and clients reach their full potential and build a better tomorrow.

Promoting equality and ensuring we have an inclusive culture where we recognise and address unconscious bias or prejudice – whether involving race, sex, background, disability, sexuality or other factors - creates a supportive environment that drives innovation, creativity and results.



We want to foster a workplace that promotes diversity and encourages everyone to thrive.


We have a number of employee networks (e.g. apprentice, gender, LGBT+, neurodiversity, race & ethnicity and working parents) which are critical in our efforts toward diversity and inclusion. They are open to everyone to support and empower under-represented groups. The networks offer training and mentoring, networking opportunities, and develop initiatives and programmes that help to drive cultural change. Every network has at least one sponsor who helps them plan their activities. This also ensures that each network’s ideas and suggestions are heard by senior leaders at JLL.

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We’re keen to help drive change both within our sector and beyond and are pleased to support a number of external diversity and inclusion campaigns. We are also proud to be a founding member of Changing the Face of Property, launched in 2012, by a number of major property firms focussed on increasing the proportion of under-represented groups entering and staying within the property sector, as well as helping young people to make the most of opportunities in our industry through the programme Property Needs You.

"DEI needs the same level of emergency and action as ESG"

Stephanie Hyde, Chief Executive, JLL UK