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Understanding Digital London

​​​​Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Aldgate

Three markets that have become too important to be labelled as ‘fringe’ but instead are now core Central London submarkets.  Navigate through the boxes below to discover a host of facts, insights and wider commentary taken from JLL's Understanding Digital London report.

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The fringe is dead
Meet the new City markets
Why is there so much potential?
Watch our video summary
Understanding Shoreditch
Shoreditch is the heart of London's creative and digital media industries. Rents are increasing, but the cluster will evolve to survive. Residential schemes will maintain the mix of the area.
Understanding Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell is a new medialand to rival Soho, particularly for advertising agencies. It will become even more mature when Crossrail arrives at Farringdon.
Understanding Aldgate
Aldgate is often overlooked but it has the potential to become the fin-tech and data hub annex to the City. There are also the most substantial opportunities for residential development in this submarket.
See our map of the new developments
Where digital disruption starts
Is this the UK's Silicon Valley?
No – this is not a focus of expertise in hardware or advanced software. Rather, companies here are creating digital business models that could disrupt many different sectors.
So who exactly has moved here?
Watch the experts give their views
The rise of the East
Residential is essential
Residential was the catalyst for the transformation of these areas – and continues to play a role in driving the live-work-play balance that supports the business cluster.
How will these places change?
Rising rents and an increasing corporate presence will undoubtedly change these markets, but coworking and sponsored accelerator space will ensure their core character remains.
Expanding the cluster
With rents and values approaching City levels, and demand and development booming, it is no longer appropriate to describe these areas as ‘fringe’. Request the report here.
Clerkenwell, Aldgate and Shoreditch are core Central London markets which will continue to mature over the coming decade. Request the report here.

Why is there so much potential?

  • 3.4 m sq ft could be developed over the next four years
  • Equivalent to 850,000 sq ft per annum
  • 75% of pipeline is in Shoreditch
  • Unprecedented levels of demand
  • Almost 1,500 residential units under construction
East London has been transformed over the past decade by a huge influx of young workers from all over the globe. Request the report here.

Expanding the cluster

Some businesses will be priced out of these markets by higher rents, but there is huge potential for the cluster to grow outwards, from edgy new markets like Dalston and Hackney Wick to more conventional, but rapidly expanding, areas such as Stratford and Canary Wharf. Request the report here.

“Digital disruption is the result of a rising class of disruptors who exploit digital tools and platforms to offer new value to customers. Previously known as a threat only to easily disruptable businesses like music or newspapers, now every major industry is about to be digitally disrupted.” - James McQuivey, Forrester Research

Footage from the launch of our Digital London research at BL-NK, a pop up venue in Shoreditch, featuring our speakers telling the story of how these areas have transformed in recent years.

​Development Pipeline Map

Understanding Digital London – the launch night

Footage from the launch of our Digital London research at BL-NK, a pop up venue in Shoreditch, featuring our speakers telling the story of how these areas have transformed in recent years.

The experts

Andrew Sissons, Head of Regeneration at the London Borough of Hackney, explains the council’s view on residential development in Shoreditch and why the area needs to be preserved as a business hub.
Ben Rogers, Director of the Centre for London, summarises the key findings of a think tank's report on this cluster of businesses, highlighting threats to growth and discussing their importance to London.
Deputy Mayor Sir Edward Lister gives an insight into London’s digital media clusters and the steps that the GLA are taking to ensure these businesses are able to grow.
Jon Neale, Head of UK Research at JLL, covers off three key findings from the report; why these areas are no longer fringe; why digital disruption has been so important; and what sectors are developing in these areas.