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Life Science Real Estate Solutions


Whether you need to find the best office location, create a workplace that will help you attract & retain the best talent or develop a comprehensive real estate strategy that will deliver real operational efficiency and cost savings, JLL can help. We provide property solutions for the Life Science sector by providing advice to developers, investors and occupiers that maximises growth and enhances value.

We understand the sector

  • The industry is undergoing profound change
  • Emerging clusters are changing the landscape
  • Attracting and retaining talent is of upmost importance
  • Space requirements vary from start-ups through to big corporations
  • Occupier fit outs are typically bespoke
  • Ensuring flexibility within buildings is key

How can JLL help you?​​

Our Life Science specialists have experience, both working in and with the sector. We have the knowledge and expertise to not only to deliver your business plan but also to enable growth and enhance performance. Our team works in partnership with you to help find solutions for many of the current issues your business will face, including:

  • Acquiring space
  • Disposing of space
  • Rationalising space
  • Strategic advice on future growth
  • Expanding your business
  • Retaining and attracting talent

By considering the six themes below, we can help you develop an effective real estate strategy to deliver the right space for your business.

Life Science Sector


  • Are you in the right area to foster innovation and encourage growth?
  • Do you know where the clusters of the future will be?


  • Does your real estate and location strategy support your people and productivity?
  • Are you close enough to higher education, infrastructure and amenities?


Demand to adopt new business models and expand product offerings is driving M&A, asset swaps and divestitures.

  • Is your company prepared to integrate/divest to accommodate the change?
  • How can you extract value from surplus assets?


Tightening regulation, patent expiries and pressure on healthcare budgets mean efficiency & productivity programs are centre stage.

  • What are firms doing to drive costs out of the business?
  • What does this mean for real estate?


  • Have you created a flexible work environment? 79% of Life Science CRE executives reported increased demand to enable flexible working1.
  • Could your workspace be planned to be more efficient and cost effective?
  • What does the future office and lab design look like for a Life Sciences company?

1JLL, Global CRE Trends - Elevate to Excellence


  • Do you have the right data at your fingertips? 50% of Life Science CRE executives cited a lack of effective data & analytics as a hindrance on adding value1.
  • How will the future of technology impact the industry and on property infrastructure? What is the benefit of embracing it?

1JLL, Global CRE Trends - Elevate to Excellence