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Law Firms


Property solutions for Law Firms

Whether you need to find the best office location, create a workplace that will help you attract and retain the best talent or develop a comprehensive real estate strategy that will deliver real operational efficiency and cost savings, JLL can help. We provide property solutions for Law Firms that will allow you to plan and grow your firm with confidence. Enabling you to liberate capital, reduce costs, increase workplace productivity and improve sustainability performance.

We understand the challenges

With pressure from your clients to deliver a greater emphasis on value and a growing resistance to traditional billing and fee models, efficiency and productivity programs are clearly here to stay. We are also seeing that the market is open to opportunities to broaden and diversify practice revenue streams through acquisition strategies and organic growth.

How can JLL help you?​​

Law Firms

Our legal specialists have deep experience both working in and with Law Firms. We can help you with the local and global connections, support, knowledge and expertise; not only to deliver your business plan, but potentially to enable growth and enhance performance. We can work in partnership with you to help find solutions for many of the current issues your practice will face. By exploring the themes outlined below, we will help you set up an effective property strategy to ensure you are prepared for a dynamic future.


  • Is your property portfolio optimised?


  • Is your firm prepared to combine and accommodate the change?
  • What risks can you mitigate early when considering an M&A?
  • Pre-merger and post-merger reporting, cost, people and efficiency can all be positively impacted with an effective real estate plan


  • What is your firm doing to drive costs out of your business?
  • Rents are going up - are there clever solutions to help reduce the impact?


  • Could your workspace be planned to be more efficient and effective and reduce operating costs?
  • How can you get your workforce to collaborate effectively?
  • What does a client centric, flexible space actually look like?
  • What does the future Law Firm office design look like?
  • What investment is required to complete a high quality, efficient re-fit of your office?


  • People and productivity are at the forefront of the future law firm, how can a strong real estate strategy enable this?


  • How will the future of technology impact you, your firm's property infrastructure and what is the benefit of embracing it?
  • What actions do you have in place to improve the processing of information?
  • Does good data management enable a more productive business?
  • Do you have to all be in one location?
  • How far will automated processes take the future firm?

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