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Our team has been involved in this market for over 30 years and have been behind some of the most significant transactions. This forward thinking sector provides a major opportunity for investors, operators and developers. We predict that retirement living and care homes are of particular importance as demand continues to outweigh supply. Housing for the elderly has a key role to play in freeing up much needed family housing and helping support an ageing population.

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Quarterly Bulletins
In Depth Analysis
  • In our latest report, Retirement Living – JLL Housing with Care index, we set out our first Housing with Care index alongside further analysis on the vast potential of this growing market in the UK.

    Click here to view the report.

  • Retirement Living - Where is the Opportunity? explores this growing market and examines the huge potential that exists for operators, developers and investors.

    Click here to view the report.

  • Our report examines the risks and opportunities in the social care sector, with a focus on staffing and its implications for care home providers and investors over the next 20 years.

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