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Alternative Investments



Our Sectors

  • Healthcare

  • Self Storage

  • Student Housing

The JLL Alternatives division is set up to:

  • Enhance your access to sector specialists

  • Enable you to maximise investment opportunities across multiple 'alternative' sectors

  • Provide comprehensive advice from valuations to complex corporate transactions


Alternatives accounted for a third of all UK property investment in the first half of 2017.

Ollie Saunders, Lead Director or JLL's Alternatives team comments: "Key drivers of growth are based on demographic, technological and structural changes which means Alternatives are less exposed to economic and political uncertainties. Strong demand fundamentals, access to long-term income and better market understanding of these sectors will help underpin increasing investor confidence in these markets as they become an established feature of the property market."

Our alternatives team is the largest in the industry. Last year, we were directly involved in nearly a quarter of all alternatives transactions, as well as our specialists providing consultancy and valuation advice. To find out how we can help you, please do get in touch.


Alternatives in 2017

  • "Investors like the fact that the student housing sector is driven by demographics rather than boom and bust"

    Philip Hillman

  • "We help our clients to understand the drivers and risks, and to spot where opportunities lie"

    Ollie Saunders, Lead Director, Alternatives

  • "With a forecast shortfall of over 300,000 care beds, 4,000 GP premises not fit for purpose and a critically ageing NHS real estate - there has never been a better time to invest"

    Phil Hall, Healthcare

  • "There is only half a square foot of self storage per head of population in the UK and even less on the continent - the market is still undersupplied"

    Kathryn Pitts, Self Storage

Alternative News



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