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Transaction Management

Delivering a comprehensive range of Transaction Management services in all markets across the globe

Effective transaction management consists of strong leadership, a constant focus on performance and mitigation of risk.

Our Transaction Management team’s objectives are to achieve the best possible results for your business, not simply square metres acquired. Our processes are built to drive decision-making, whether it is for a property acquisition, property disposal, renewal, rent review or lease restructuring.

Our Transaction Management services are delivered globally, using our Tenant Representation teams to provide market by market assessments, ensuring you secure the right space at the right time at the best price.

Our comprehensive range of Transaction Management services: 
  • Service delivery management - Combining local expertise, market information and global best practice for each property acquisition, property disposal or multi-transaction negotiation.
  • Comprehensive reporting - Reporting that captures cost savings, cost avoids, risk and market opportunities with specific tools capable of supporting portfolio planning.
  • Relationship management - Understanding your business culture, values and objectives and using this to inform all plans to meet your portfolio requirements.
  • Proactive portfolio planning - We produce annual property plans, market studies and lease event reviews that allow you to make strategic decisions on your property portfolio.


Minimised costs

We help you identify inefficiencies in your property portfolio that can significantly reduce costs.​


Mitigation of risk

Whether it’s a property acquisition or property disposal, we work with our on the ground specialists to quickly identify and mitigate any risk associated with your transactions.​

Competitive advantage

Through our unrivalled research capability, our Transaction Management team ensures that you are always ahead of the game by anticipating potential challenges and identifying solutions.​

Informed business decisions

Through your Transaction Manager, our integrated teams help you make informed business decisions through accurate reporting and a consistent service, no matter where you are located.​


​Performance management

Our Transaction Managers are fully accountable and continually seek performance feedback.​