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Corporate Capital Markets

Helping business dispose of surplus leases, use property to raise capital, rationalise portfolios and reduce exposure to risk

Identifying property opportunities that will maximise value for your shareholders is vital in today's Corporate world and at JLL we can provide Corporate real estate finance advice that is unrivalled in the industry.

Whether you need to raise Capital through a sale and leaseback, reduce your lease liabilities, increase flexibility or dispose of surplus properties, our expertise, and experience and execution skills will enable you to achieve your business goals.

Achieving your Corporate real estate finance objectives:

  • Capital raising - Every organisation should have an 'own versus lease' strategy designed to achieve the lowest cost of capital to enhance shareholder return.  Money raised from your properties could fund expansion of your business, repay borrowings, or fund working capital.  JLL offers solutions to help you meet your business objectives and can navigate you through the impact of the new lease accounting proposals on your business
  • Lease liability transfers - Through a proven disposal process, JLL will find the right partner and release your company from all of your surplus lease liabilities in one package, saving time and maximising cost savings. The transfer will drive greater certainty for the business and reduce risk
  • Portfolio rationalisation - Creating a property portfolio solution that meets business needs. Innovative transaction structures that take advantage of the market and solve accounting headaches.

How does this help you? 

  • Allows you to unlock capital for your business
  • Enables you to reduce costs and improve earnings
  • Reduces risk from surplus property or leases
  • Provides a proven financially structured solution



Minimised costs

Cutting costs, creating value, reducing capital expenditure: we will help align your property portfolio with your corporate real estate finance objectives.

Optimal capital structure

There are many ways in which you can raise finance efficiently – not just through sale and leaseback. We are experts in advising on a whole range of options available to you.

Increased flexibility

Effective portfolio management can help achieve greater flexibility and meet your business needs. Lease regearing, flexible lease terms and buying in properties are different methods to create flexibility in your portfolio.

Reduced risk

Business plans can change, property portfolios usually cannot. Our financial models can price in risk and flexibility enabling corporates to make the right property decision.

Lease Accounting changes are coming...