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Business Location Consulting

Our Business Location Consultants provide innovative solutions which answer ‘why’, ‘where’ and ‘how’

​​Our Business Location Consulting team directs corporate decision-makers to the right, informed and accurate conclusions relating to location, business configuration and site selection - helping to achieve revenue, margin and efficiency targets.

Utilising unique management consulting methods to drive location solutions from a business perspective, we offer comprehensive advice on the "why", "where" and "how" of business rationalisation, expansion, consolidation and market entry/access.

Our Business Locations Consulting services provide solutions:

  • Footprint optimisation – Identify opportunities across candidate geographies to maximise revenue, margin and efficiency opportunities.
  • Site selection  Comprehensive assessments of multiple locations for operations, including detailed and easily comparable labour market data, providing bespoke modelling of each business relevant element, from transport infrastructure to detailed staff headcounts
  • Government Incentives  Technical advice and guidance on how to offset investment costs when entering or expanding into a new or existing location and we will work with you to choreograph the process alongside any real estate negotiations.
  • City Commute Assessments GIS based staff commute assessment, providing  instant insights into cost and average commute time impacts for alternative office locations

How does this help you?

  • Business Location Consulting can help to maximise business performance and efficiencies
  • Bespoke modelling and solutions can be aligned to your stakeholder interests and key performance metrics
  • Robust, fully quantified and defensible business cases which navigate the trade-off of strategic, financial and operational objectives
  • Access to new markets
  • Comprehensive guidance on securing access to incentive schemes, and to real estate negotiation


Government incentives set to change from 2014 across UK and Ireland

The government incentives landscape in the European Union (EU) is set for sweeping change from 2014. In the UK and Ireland, Corporates have until December 2013 to obtain more lucrative incentives.

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New EU state aid caps causing corporate jitters

The incentives landscape in the European Union (EU) is set for sweeping change from 2014 with further caps to be imposed on what financial incentives governments may offer to attract companies to set up or expand. This means that the scale and value of incentives deals will drop significantly – potentially by as much as 15 percentage points in many regions of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).