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ESOS Compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

​The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulations came into force in July 2014. The scheme requires large organisations in the UK to understand and manage the energy consumption of their operations.

JLL can apply our experience in energy data analysis, on-site energy management and regulatory compliance to help clients (both landlords and tenants) to comply with the legislation in a way that is cost effective and which will identify opportunities for real energy savings.

The first phase of the scheme requires participants to demonstrate compliance by 5th December 2015. JLL can work with you to ensure you comply by this date. We will:

  • Support you in establishing the right organisational structure for ESOS compliance purposes.
  • Establish the most appropriate route to compliance – whether it is energy audits, DECs or ISO 50001. We will also spend time reviewing what has been done to date to support ESOS compliance across your portfolio.
  • Assess the total energy consumption of your organisation. Where possible, we will use existing data collection and reporting, such as CRC or mandatory greenhouse gas reporting.
  • Undertake energy audits at your assets, led by our qualified energy management experts.
  • Help to compile your evidence pack and collate the findings to present internally​ and report compliance to the Environment Agency.

For more information on ESOS and to discuss how we can support your compliance process, please contact us.