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Portfolio Management

Sustainable property solutions to reduce risks and maximise efficiencies

​Our holistic range of Portfolio Management services can help you leverage the commercial opportunities presented by a multitude of Sustainability challenges. With the help of our highly experienced team you will identify cost-effective sustaina​ble solutions at every stage of the property lifecycle.​

We advise on:

These services can help ensure your buildings are efficient, future-proofed and will sustain their value.


​Environmental Performance Monitoring

We have helped over 45 real estate clients in 40 countries to successfully monitor and benchmark the environmental performance of their estates. Our secure global web-based data management platform allows clients with extensive portfolios to store information from multiple assets in a single location. With our sophisticated tools and expertise, we can help you understand the trends in your buildings’ performance such as energy and water use, waste production and carbon emissions. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to run your buildings economically and efficiently and make informed strategic and asset planning decisions.

​CRC Compliance & Advice

Meeting compliance requirements, avoiding fines and minimising costs are all priorities if you fall within the mandatory CRC Energy Efficiency scheme. Our CRC experts have helped over 30 major landlords and occupiers understand what the CRC means for their businesses to minimise their liabilities. We can help you meet the scheme’s requirements, manage the entire process on your behalf and provide a full audit trail, making the process as smooth and pain-free as possible.

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​ESOS Compliance & Advice

We will help you establish the most suitable route to ESOS compliance for your organisation, based on an understanding of your portfolio and key energy management objectives. Our energy experts will ensure that you achieve ESOS compliance and identify real energy reductions in the process.




​EPC Risk Management Strategies

From April 2018, it will be unlawful to let a property with a poor energy efficiency rating in England and Wales. We offer a complete service, from evaluating the extent of your portfolio’s liabilities, to helping you prioritise key risk assets and offering technical advice on uprating your stock, including access to appropriate finance.

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​Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

We will help you shape an ISO 14001 project plan and guide you through the implementation process resulting in an Environmental Management System tailored to your business. We can also take a closer look at your existing environmental management system, identifying areas that need more work to pass the formal ISO 14001 assessment, saving you time and money.

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​Energy Reduction Programmes

Volatile energy prices and emerging environmental legislation mean that there has never been a better time to assess and reduce your portfolio’s energy consumption. Our cost-efficient programmes quickly deliver quantifiable no / low cost savings at every building and will transform the way you manage your energy. With the help of our energy management specialists and bespoke action plans, we are confident you will reduce your energy use by 5% to 25%, resulting in significant savings, lowering the operational cost base and protecting against building depreciation.

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