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Planning, Development & Heritage

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​​​​​​​​​​​​What we do​​​​​
We offer a range of services in key sectors across the UK. Find out more on how we can help you achieve your ambitions.​

What We Do
  • Planning applications

    • We submit and successfully negotiate planning permissions for hundreds of projects each year. From outline and hybrid masterplans to detailed permissions, our application expertise ranges from windfarms and biomass plants to tall buildings and retail parks.
  • Planning appeals

    • We’re expert witnesses and experienced professionals in providing bespoke strategies, statements of case, giving evidence and cross examination for hearings and appeals.
  • Planning appraisals

    • We offer detailed planning appraisals to identify a site or building’s planning potential including constraints and challenges from the inception to inform development, acquisition and asset management.
  • Planning Policies

    • We review emerging planning policy and provide representations to influence policy on behalf of developers, land owners and public sector on employment and housing land supply.
  • Development

    • We provide development consultancy advice and agency services across all sectors including commercial, residential, education and energy. We advise public and private sector clients and provide development appraisals, funding advice, market knowledge and acquisition or disposal support.
  • Heritage

    • We identify heritage significance and the potential for change to inform development, site purchase or disposal. We provide reports and advocacy to support planning applications and/or environmental statements.
  • Research

    • We use bespoke demographic and economic analysis, combined with in house market expertise, to help shape and interrogate planning policy and support sensitive planning applications especially with commercial, housing and retail projects.
  • Retail impact assessments & sequential tests

    • We advise local authorities, retailers and developers, model quantitative impact assessments; set out robust sequential tests; detailed qualitative impact assessments and, where required, model need and capacity assessments.
  • Public consultation

    • Our team are experts at engaging with the public identifying key stakeholders, promoting, organising and articulating planning issues through one on one events, exhibitions and social media. Ultimately, we generate support and allay community concerns about wide-ranging projects.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) & planning obligations

    • We provide detailed advice on financial liabilities arising from CIL and negotiate Section 106 agreements with local planning authorities and legal advisors. We provide effective viability assessments to demonstrate whether a scheme is deliverable or a CIL schedule is appropriate within existing market conditions.
  • Employment land studies

    • We offer detailed analysis on employment land and the economic impact of proposals for both developers and local authorities with successful outcomes at appeal.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

    • We provide comprehensive EIAs, including coordination and preparation of environmental statements for projects ranging from residential to renewable energy and extensive, successful experience by our expert witnesses.
  • Urban design & townscape analysis

    • We are specialist providers of design services including masterplans helping developers, landowners and investors to realise maximum value from property assets for commercial and residential developments.