Retirement Living: Why it works

Housing with Care represents a major opportunity for investors, developers and operators. Substantial under supply within the mid and upper markets, and a rapidly growing elderly population with high levels of wealth, will only enhance this situation over the next 30 years. We have produced two reports exploring this market, please fill out the form below to receive our research.

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Key Highlights

Growth potential is huge when compared to the more mature markets of the USA, Australia and New Zealand

By 2066, one in four of the population will be aged 65 or over. The pace of population growth for over 65s is three times the pace of the overall UK population

Over 65s have as much as £1 trillion of combined housing equity, with almost two thirds owning their homes outright

An increase in retirement housing would provide more family homes at a time when the UK is struggling to build the required 250,000 new homes per annum

The JLL housing with care index shows that 80% of re-sales in the market increase in value.

Price growth in the sector also correlates strongly with average house price trends, meaning long-term returns are possible in actively managed Housing with Care schemes

Our data shows that housing with care units have an annual average price growth of 6% per annum

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