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The Social Care Deficit – All our futures

Welcome to our latest healthcare report which considers the demographic issues that will confront the UK over the next 20 years in relation to the provision and staffing of social care establishments.

Key Facts
By 2036, our research suggests:

  • Population aged over 85 will double to over 3.2 million
  • For those aged over 85, there will be a 143% rise in people with dementia
  • 1.22 million more staff will be required in the sector but the working age population will grow by only 1.39 million
  • There will be large regional disparities in ability for service providers to recruit staff.


  • The opportunity for development will be vast with up to £47 billion of investment required to build new care homes alone
  • Careful due diligence and advice will be key to understand local supply/demand characteristics and the supply of labour.

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