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Real Estate at the Heart of Sustainable Business

​Find out about the four stages in the corporate sustainability journey and discover practical guidelines for CRE teams to support the overall sustainability objectives of the business.

Companies actively seeking to improve sustainability performance need to ensure their corporate real estate (CRE) team is aligned with, and able to deliver, their priority sustainability objectives.

In JLL's new thought leadership paper, 'Real Estate at the Heart of Sustainable Business', four key stages companies go through on their corporate sustainability journey have been identified.  Whilst some are at the early stage of compliance and defensive risk management, others have realised the commercial advantages and new revenue opportunities attainable through embedding sustainability.

At each stage of the journey, this report considers:

  • What are the corporate priorities?
  • How can the CRE team support these?

The accompanying info graphic outlines the business and real estate implications of the corporate sustainability journey.

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